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The “3X” Theorem :


Whatever amounts to “sensible communication,” triple it!

Immediate “command”:

Play back the last 24 or 48 hours. Is there an instance where you have
failed to Fully Inform a client, or other stakeholder, of a delay (wee
or grand) or glitch (wee or grand)? If your answer is “nope, all is
well”—you are a liar. (Sorry, it just slipped out of the keyboard.)

Fix it.
Make the call.
(And if you have, in fact, good for you, let someone know about a glitch
… call ’em again to update the status of the fix, or relay the sad but
honest news that the fix is more complex than first imagined.)

Quoted from Tom Peters


Failure is part of any success.

Fear of failure will inhibit anyone from attempting anything, while embracing it in your search for success will guide your way towards more optimal, efficient and innovative solutions.

Advice to my young very shy son, when he pressures me to ask the store clerk to ask for the Playstation he has been paining for, for the past 6 months. Failure to ask for what you so much desire guarantees the most feared result : rejection, failure. So, by asking, you increase your chances astronomically.

This same advice applies in business. By over-analyzing and justifying failure to attempt a new, rizky venture you are guaranteed of your biggest fear : failure. By launching an attempt, any attempt you drastically improve your chances. You might have to try a number of times, but not trying guarantees failure…