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Think about a customer, like a hospital in Bali that wants to promote incomparable high quality medical care in Bali for all of the local as well as foreign customers who, when in need, go abroad to get quality reliable treatment. They have an email list and quite the following on Twitter and Facebook.

So they take to Mirror and find that we have experience in developing wacky, but catchy promotion events to promote awareness.

Eyes light up. People get it. Everyone gets excited, because they can see exactly what the problem was that the customers might have. And they saw how the client can provide the medical care they are looking for, while at the same time going on holiday.

This not only helped the client understand it, it helped them tell their own relevant stories about how everyday people would use their service. It also helped when they talked to press, and any customer who needed to know why this is important.

Stories work. Stories stick. Use them!